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The Maxwell Pro Network Emulator helps engineers learn how their products will perform in mobile, cloud, and WAN networks. By capturing and changing network flows, Maxwell Pro can induce the conditions that cause network congestion, slow links, time outs, and many other adverse network conditions. Engineers can then see the effects on the device or application to find and fix bugs, solve network problems, and learn the limits of device and application performance.

Maxwell Pro-V (virtualized Maxwell Pro) is available for the VMware vSphere Hypervisor® ESXi.


Why a Virtual Solution?

Traditional Dev/Test requires the provisioning, installation, and configuration of vendor hardware for testing complex environments and apps. For labs and test environments utilizing VM technology, the Maxwell Pro-V Virtual Network Emulator significantly reduces provisioning and installation time. As a result, the product development and testing teams can focus on productive work as soon as possible.


Maxwell Pro-V Package

Maxwell Pro-V ships as a pre-configured Virtual Machine (VM). Just install the Maxwell Pro .ova file and start the VM; there is no additional configuration required.

The Maxwell Pro virtual machine uses at least three virtual network interfaces:

One is for connection to users, i.e. the typical developer lab or company network on which users run their desktop and laptop computers.
The remainder are for Maxwell Pro packet traffic. These can be virtual or physical interfaces. However, no two should be on the same broadcast domain, which means that they can be any mix of VLANs and physical ethernets as long as there is no packet path between them except via the Maxwell Pro.

Prouct Features:

  • Test your application or device under adverse network conditions.
  • Create your own impairments -- your way.
  • Emulate real world conditions via multiple flows and filters.
  • Graphic, command line or script driven interface
  • Select the scenario to emulate and GO!
  • Fully programmable in C, C++ or Python
  • Support for 10 GE (ten gig) interfaces 

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