KMAX V Network Emulator


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KMAX-V (virtualized KMAX) is available for the VMware vSphere Hypervisor® ESXi. 

Why a Virtual Solution?

Traditional Dev/Test requires the provisioning, installation, and configuration of vendor hardware for testing complex environments and apps. For labs and test environments utilizing VM technology, the KMAX-V Virtual Network Emulator significantly reduces provisioning and installation time. As a result, the product development and testing teams can focus on productive work as soon as possible.

KMAX-V Package

KMAX-V ships as a pre-configured Virtual Machine (VM). Just install the KMAX .ova file and start the VM; there is no additional configuration required.

The KMAX virtual machine uses at least three virtual network interfaces:

  • One is for connection to users, i.e. the typical developer lab or company network on which users run their desktop and laptop computers.
  • The remainder are for KMAX packet traffic. These can be virtual or physical interfaces. However, no two should be on the same broadcast domain, which means that they can be any mix of VLANs and physical ethernets as long as there is no packet path between them except via the KMAX.

Includes: FreeBSD OS, KMAX® kernal-driven impairment engine, and 90 Day Warranty.

  • Multiple bands/flows
  • Control from anywhere on the network
  • Web GUI and programatic APIs
  • Packet Drop/Loss: Add “burst mode” for a realistic emulation.
  • Packet Delay/Latency: From zero to 10 seconds, with microsecond precision.
  • No G.1050 tests
  • Packet Jitter, with or without reordering. Specify a custom jitter distribution: Uniform, Gaussian, Pareto, or Pareto-Normal.
  • Packet Duplication, with rapid back-to-back transmission.
  • Packet Corruption: Specify packet-centric or bit-centric probabilities of corruption.
  • Rate limiting: Choose From several queue management algorithms.
  • Specify a time-varying expression for any impairment metric
  • Includes Bit and/or Packet Level Corruption (Alter)
  • Includes User Defined Impairment Function (Transform)
  • View network emulation statistics in tables and charts
  • Change settings "on the fly" without restarting 
  • Layer 2 device, acts like a bridge -- no special configuration

Read more about KMAX's Technical Information at

Please contact IWL if you have any questions or require more capabilities than KMAX offers. 


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  • 90 Day Warranty